Where do you typically go for the outdoor portion of the session?

We try to go to different places for each senior to make each session as unique as possible.  Greg has a few favorite places he likes to go, like Old Town, Roethke Park and a ranch near the studio.  If you'd like to go to a specific location near the studio, just let Greg know when you come in for your session.

How can I make an appointment?

Give us a call during our business hours (Monday through Friday, 12 pm - 6 pm) and we'll set you up with a day and time to come in.  We'll ask for half of the session cost to reserve your date in the schedule, and the other half will be due when you come in for the session.

What should I bring when I come in for my session?

Basically anything you want!  Clothing-wise, we have no limit on the number of outfits you can bring.  Keep in mind that you'll be with Greg for about two hours, and you don't want to spend most of that time changing your clothes.  We recommend you bring 3-4 outfits, with a variety of casual and formal.  We strongly encourage you to dress up a bit. As much as you may love your ripped jeans and tennis shoes, they do not always photograph the way you may think. For girls, nice shirts, jeans, skirts and a cocktail dress are all great things to bring.  For guys, you might want to bring button up shirts, polos, jeans and a shirt and tie.  Seniors, be sure to check with your school's yearbook requirements about dress before you come.   When choosing your outfits, be sure to stay away from busy prints or patterns.  Solid colors photograph the best.  We don't recommend that you wear anything with a logo on it, unless it's a jersey or uniform for a school activity.

Some schools require a certain type of outfit or background and both you and Greg will need to know about that before you begin your session.  If your yearbook office has an information sheet about yearbook photos, bring it along.

We love to photograph you with things that reflect your hobbies and interests.  Sports jerseys and equipment, musical instruments, hunting equipment, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, cars, trucks - they're all welcome!  If you do plan on bringing a pet, please let us know in advance so we can make preparations for it (and warn Mustache, our studio cat).

How about hair and make-up?

It's a good idea to come in for your session with a slightly amplified version of your everyday look.  Even though you want to look great for your photos, you still want to look like yourself.  If you don't normally wear make-up, you might want to have a friend or parent help you find the right shade of foundation and lip gloss.  Again, you don't need to go overboard, especially if you typically go without make-up.  A little bit of mascara and lip gloss go a long way!

Some girls choose to have their hair professionally done before their session and some girls choose to do it themselves.  It's up to you.  You can definitely bring curling irons, straighteners and anything you might need to keep your hair looking perfect during your session.  Just like with clothing changes, though, keep in mind that your session is two hours, and you want to spend most of that time being photographed, not getting ready to be photographed.